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2015 FDDO International Champions (Picture by Wayne Ramsey)

2016 Skyhoundz Rule Changes

[Copied from the Skyhoundz website with permission.]

March 1, 2016: Please note, the following rules take effect immediately and additional rule changes may occur during the 2016 season. Be sure and check the Skyhoundz website before attending your next competition as there is no way for us to notify all competitors personally of rule changes.

Any competitor who qualified before the new rules went into effect will be grandfathered in (maintain their 2016 World's Qualification) but will be subject to the new rules in future competitons.

Skyhoundz Qualifiers

The number of qualifying slots at Skyhoundz Classic Qualifiers for 2016 will be as follows:
Three in Open Division
Two in MicroDog Open
Three in Sport Division
Two in MicroDog Sport
Two in Pairs Freestyle Division
Two in Youth Division


We have changed the MicroDog Division as follows:

Instead of one MicroDog Division (Open), we have changed its name to MicroDog Open and added a MicroDog Sport Division. Two competitors in each MicroDog Division will qualify for the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship.

Competitors are required to register and compete in all rounds of their respective Divisions. Scores will not count in one Division for another.

Xtreme Distance

A caution line (dashed and/or different color) can be added one yard behind the throwing line in order to help prevent throwing dog/foot faults.

On-deck Xtreme Distance teams, when called must immediately proceed from the staging area, to the throwing area. Once the team (human and canine) ENTERS the throwing area, a "prepare to throw" 15-second warning will be given. Thereafter, time will begin and teams will be advised to throw when ready.

All Skyhoundz Events (Skyhoundz Classic, DiscDogathon, Xtreme Distance, etc.)

Countdowns have been standardized.

For Freestyle, the countdown will be: 60 seconds remaining, 30 seconds remaining, 10 seconds remaining, and time!

For Xtreme Distance, the countdown will be: 60 seconds remaining, 30 seconds remaining, 10 seconds remaining, 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1, and time!

For all other 60 second events, the countdown will be: 30 seconds remaining, 10 seconds remaining, 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1, and time!

If there is no possibility of a last throw with time expiring, the announcer may forgo the five second countdown.

Judges decisions are final and are not subject to video review.

RULE CLARIFICATION: To Qualify for the World Championship and/or receive awards at all Skyhoundz events, a competitor's score must be greater than 0. In other words, a team that does not score any points, or make a qualifiying catch (e.g., Xtreme Distance) and/or receive a qualifying time (e.g., TimeTrial), as applicable, is not eligible to Qualify for the World Championship or receive an award.